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Submitted on
November 4, 2012
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The idea of quitting is nothing new. You let the words bounce around your head and then you let them spew. In private, alone. In the alley behind your home. you drain your throat of everything in your head and hope it leave you alone. but it breaks down into the soil and gets swept back up into the drains. and washing out into the oceans where liquid has few names. Until it is hoisted up into the sky and fluffs out into clouds that methodically pass you by. The ideas went back inside you and come down as rain but you stay indoors dry and insane.
I think it is more about thoughts than emotions. We give out emotions shape in thought and tie judgement to them. Too often I think people cut themselves off from their emotions instead of learning to reinterpret them.

If anyone has a better suggestion for the category, I am not adverse to guidance.
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